WE CULTIVATE ENERGY POLICY INNOVATION and promote its application—creating opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals to debate viewpoints, explore options, and develop agendas for decision and action.



Transition from a fossil-fueled energy system with uncompensated external costs to one that optimizes energy productivity through smart demand, internalized carbon impacts, and sustainable supply.



The Kleinman Center focuses on projects that:

Foster thoughtful and impactful energy-related research.

We support Penn research through a variety of programs and bring distinguished energy leaders and scholars to Penn for visits and residencies.

Develop the next generation of energy leaders.

We engage student learners by providing energy-related courses, a certificate program, lectures, internships, and grants for research and professional development.

Create conditions for energy policy stakeholders to explore options and develop agendas.

We convene thought leaders with diverse interests in settings that foster productive conversations and action.



Our research agenda is a key to our identity—it guides our projects, events, courses, and written work. We support research that:

  • is timely;

  • attracts and engages critical stakeholders;

  • is informed or impacted by the work of the University;

  • builds a diverse portfolio—geographically or by energy sector.

Learn more about the Kleinman Center's mission and our inaugural Carnot Prize award:

Video produced by Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more about the inaugural Carnot Prize.