The New Climate Normal for Utility Weather Forecasts

Posted by Christina Simeone

In February, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) filed a rate increase request with the PA Public Utility Commission, citing warmer weather as a culprit for lower than expected gas sales, prompting the need to raise rates. Though not explicitly stated, PGW has connected the warmer weather patterns to climate change. Among...


Helping Coal

Posted by William Hederman, Senior Fellow

The Trump Administration has taken a set of aggressive steps to help re-invigorate the nation’s coal industry through the relaxation of regulations. Helping “coal country,” especially helping the coal miners and their communities, is a praise-worthy goal. I am not sure, however, that the announced measures can achieve...


Wither the Rooftop Resi Market?

Posted by Zachary N. Goldstein, Guest Contributor

With the shutdown of NRG’s Home Solar division, David Crane’s bold foray into the residential solar market was abandoned, and the recent bankruptcy of Sungevity has similarly emphasized distress within residential rooftop solar.  Yet as the US solar market doubled in the year 2016, it is clear residential solar is not...


Deep Decarbonization in Deep Trouble

Posted by John Quigley, Senior Fellow

If the world is to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit the rise in global mean temperature to “well below” 2°C, an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed is required by 2050, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Renewable Energy Agency...


BlackRock Believes in Climate Change

Posted by Christina Simeone

In the same week President Trump moved towards climate change denial by proposing to eliminate funding for a wide variety of climate change programs – from regulatory programs at the U.S. EPA to science and research programs at NASA – the world’s largest asset manager took a huge step towards climate reality....


In Memory of Michael Novak: Business Prophet

Posted by William Hederman, Senior Fellow

Michael Novak died on February 17, 2017.  He had one of the most original minds I have ever encountered.  For much of his career, he was a theologian at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) examining the interdependence of religion and economics in America.  Lunch with him in AEI’s dining room was always a treat. ...


Does Trump Help or Hurt Philly’s Struggling Neighborhood Refinery?

Posted by Christina Simeone

I’ve been following the economic health of Philly’s neighborhood refinery, Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES), for some time.  In a June 2016 blog, I covered PES’ abandoned plans to go public due to lack of interest from “The Street”. In a November 9, 2016 post, I highlighted PES’ employee layoffs, information...


The City’s Low-Income Efficiency Puzzle

Posted by Christina Simeone

Sadly, when it comes to energy efficiency, helping those who need it most can be challenging and costly. Compared to average households, low-income households spend a larger portion of their income on energy expenditures.  Low-income households also pay more for energy per square foot than average households because...


Can FERC Work?

Posted by William Hederman, Senior Fellow

With, perhaps, the possible exception of the interchange between Governor (now Secretary) Perry and Senator Franken during Perry’s confirmation hearing, the most noteworthy development in the energy policy arena so far this year has been leadership change at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This...


Utilities Face Wall Street Whiplash from Interest Rates, Trump

Posted by Christina Simeone

As low natural gas prices drive down competitive market-based revenues to power generation owners, many vertically integrated (i.e. companies that own generation, transmission, and distribution assets) electricity companies have chosen to sell their generation assets and move towards a purely regulated transmission...


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